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6 Unexpected Ways to Leverage LinkedIn Algorithms for Organic Lead Generation in 2023

6 Unexpected Ways to Leverage LinkedIn Algorithms for Organic Lead Generation in 2023

If you're tired of spending heaps on ads or relying on companies that spam leads with cold emails, this is your alternative. I've deciphered LinkedIn's unique algorithm and have curated a practical, easy-to-implement strategy just for you.

This guide will help you to significantly reduce your client acquisition cost by mastering organic lead generation. You'll learn the power of meaningful comments, the significance of timing, and how to effectively use personal and company pages.

So, forget about the expensive shortcuts, let's dive in and start winning organically on LinkedIn with me today!

How does LinkedIn Makes Money

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn operates on a unique revenue model, drawing only 20% of its income from advertising. The major chunk, 80%, comes from premium tools like LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Recruiter, tools designed to help users boost their income.

πŸ”‘ What LinkedIn wants is conversations that drive user success and business growth.


The best Organic B2B Linkedin Lead Generation Strategy in 2023

Ready to dive in? Here are the six fundamental strategies, backed by an understanding of the 2023 LinkedIn's algorithm for posts, to bolster your organic lead generation on LinkedIn.

1. πŸ’¬ The Power of Comments

LinkedIn has a pretty interesting approach when you make a post. Instead of instantly displaying it to all your connections, it initially presents it to a small fraction of your network, often less than 10%. Why? LinkedIn is assessing the value of your content based on this small group's reactions.

After your post goes live, LinkedIn keeps track of this group's interaction with it. Interestingly, the platform has a particular affinity for one type of engagement: comments. LinkedIn's strategy revolves around promoting content that stimulates conversations. But how is this measured?

πŸ’‘ LinkedIn pays attention to both the number and quality of comments your post attracts, with a particular focus on the extent of the conversation these comments incite (members responding to each other multiple times with substantive replies).


2. ⏰ Perfect Timing: A Crucial Factor

There's a 'golden hour' for your post, which is the first 60-90 minutes after it goes live.

If members of your initial group show interest and start commenting, LinkedIn's algorithm takes note. If you manage to gather at least 10 comments in the first hour, LinkedIn will give your post a boost, exposing it to at least 1,000 people over the next 24 hours. However, if you don't receive those comments, your post will likely only reach 2-3% of your followers.

πŸ’‘ To get your post in front of more eyes, make sure to stay online for 90 minutes after posting to engage promptly with those who comment. Aim for lengthy replies to spark conversations.


3. πŸ‘€ Always Post First From a Personal Page

LinkedIn's algorithm doesn't view company pages and personal pages equally.

πŸ’‘ For disseminating company content to a broader audience, have a collaborator, (or yourself) post the content on their personal page instead of the company page. Then, the company account can comment on that post and share it on the company page.


This technique of leading with the personal post will result in a staggering 500% to 1,000% increase in the number of people viewing it!


4. πŸ”„ Maximise Post Sharing

Sharing the posts of individuals or organisations outside your business is a fantastic approach, especially when their content resonates with your target audience. This is particularly effective when you share a friendly relationship with them and they are open to collaborating on the following actions::

πŸ’‘ To optimise this practice and enhance your reach, here are some specific steps to follow:

  1. Hit the share button, but don't just repost. Add your unique perspective in a 50 to 100-word commentary.
  2. Add 3 hashtags that are different from the ones in the original post.
  3. Tag the original poster or company using the '@' symbol in your commentary. It attributes the source and increases visibility as their follower will get notified β€œX was mentioned in this post”
  4. Encourage the original content creator to engage with your post within the first hour. Their comment can drive more traffic and interaction.
❗ If you follow these specific instructions, the shared post will often exceed the reach of the original post by 300% or more!


5. ⏲️ Post 3 times per week, but never leave less than 18 hours between posts

LinkedIn prioritises user experience and consequently places limits on the frequency of posts. For personal pages, if 2 posts are made within an 18-hour window, LinkedIn reduces their reach significantly. This means if you crowd your posts too closely, about 95% of your audience will miss them.

To avoid this, it's best to space out your content, aiming for roughly 1 post per day.

However, consistency is also key, so make sure you’re posting at least 3 times per week to see meaningful engagement.

πŸ’‘ When a post starts to gather a high number of impressions and engagement, it's a good idea to hold off on the next post for a while. This allows the well-performing post to gain even more traction and reach a broader audience. Think of it as giving your winning content the spotlight to shine and maximise its impact.


Note: This strategy doesn't have the same effect on company page posts, considering that the reach there is inherently low, typically around 2% to 3% of followers. While you have the freedom to post as much as you'd like on a company page, the unfortunate reality is that your content there often goes largely unnoticed.


6. πŸš€ Boost Visibility with a Robust Comment Strategy

Here's a surprising yet effective strategy to boost your visibility on LinkedIn: Rather than exclusively focusing on creating and posting your own original content, actively participating in others' conversations by providing high-quality comments will significantly drive engagement back to your own profile.

πŸ’‘ By leaving lengthy, insightful, and valuable comments, you’re raising your value on the LinkedIn radar. Even two or three meaningful comments a day can double or triple the number of your profile views in a single week!


πŸ”‘ Key Takeaways:


Here is a recap:

πŸ“Œ The 6 Keys of Lead Generation with LinkedIn Posts in 2023

  1. Focus on driving conversations in your comments.
  2. Write meaningful responses to each comment during the first 90 minutes after posting to massively boost your post's reach!
  3. Always post from personal profiles first.
  4. Share posts from others and add your unique insights.
  5. Consistently post 3 times a week, ensuring you keep at least 18 hours between posts.
  6. Write meaningful comments and actively engage with other's posts.


The Road Ahead: Seizing LinkedIn Success

You're now equipped with the tactics to conquer the LinkedIn algorithms. While it might seem daunting at first, start small, using one or two strategies before gradually incorporating more. With consistency, patience, and a focus on quality, you'll not only play the LinkedIn gameβ€”you'll change it!

Why wait? Start implementing these strategies today and don't forget to share your success stories with me. Remember, on LinkedIn, your voice matters!

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