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How much does it cost to work with NAKED?

How much does it cost to work with NAKED?

Cost is obviously one of the most important thing you must think about before making any major decision. 

You heard it before, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all, it depends on so many factors starting with your goals, your context and how fast you want to grow. 

So, of course "it depends", but I can tell you that clients spend an average of 5000€ per month with NAKED, working with a team of coaches and trainers to learn how to succeed with inbound marketing.

Let's break it down:

Naked’s Flagship Service: They Ask, You Answer Mastery

The main reason to hire Naked is to help you implement They Ask, You Answer, the sales and marketing framework that help drive more sales and break free from marketing agencies.

Naked provides strategic direction for leadership teams, as well as hands-on tactical training for their sales & Marketing employees.

We train them in inbound and content marketing, video strategy and production, virtual sales techniques, and technology adoption.

We help our clients unite their sales and marketing efforts, bring in more traffic, capture better-fit leads, and help improve their sales rates — all so they can bring in more revenue.

Clients work closely with their coaches and trainers, planning in 90-day cycles.

All our programs are finite, with means that they begins with the graduation date in mind. 

They follow one of three timelines, which all achieve the same results, and are generally the same total price, just at different speeds. The faster the program, the more competencies you work on at one time — and the faster you graduate and complete your work with NAKED.

They Ask, You Answer Mastery pricing starts at 3500€ /month.

All companies participating in the Mastery program pay a one-time 2500€ set-up fee at the start of the agreement.


What if I’m not ready for coaching and training?

If your business is not ready to commit to our coaching and training program, NAKED offers full-day workshops and online learning to align your company, train your staff, and build your strategy.

They Ask, You Answer Workshops

Our workshops create a foundation of shared principles that can set your organisation up for sales and marketing success. The workshop costs 3000€ with flat 500€ travel fee add-on in the case you choose to do it on site rather than remotely, (sometimes reduced to 150€ if within a 150 km radius of our main office)

Positioning and Messaging Workshops

This 2 days workshop enables you and your team to develop powerful language that clearly conveys what you do, and makes your value obvious to your buyers. The workshop costs 4500€, with a flat 650€ travel fee add-on if you choose to do the workshop on site rather than remotely, (sometimes reduced to 150€ if within a 150 km radius of our main office)


IMPACT+ is the learning platform that provides the tools, education, and community you need to plan your content strategy, master HubSpot, and align your sales and marketing efforts.

It offers a wide array of courses, keynote recordings, community boards, discussion groups, tools, and more.

IMPACT+ has been created by Marcus Sheridan and his team at IMPACT, it has free and pro-level tiers, which cost $79 (±73€) per month.

Learn more about IMPACT+


Can I hire NAKED to do my marketing for me?

Because we know that companies driving the most sales from their marketing effort are the ones doing it in-house, we believe that it's much more efficient to help you master this with a personalised approach that’s fun and exciting.

The fact is that nobody understands your business, your customers and what they want better than you! And this knowledge is critical to produce content that’s genuine and trust-building.

With our guidance, you’ll produce content that turns visitors into customers —and you’ll do so at a much faster and cost-effective rate than if we did it for you.

We will also train your sales team to use this content in the sales process to educate buyers, shorten the sales cycle, and improve close rates.

The only operational work NAKED does for clients is web design and development (starting at 20 000€), paid search and social ads. However, we only provide those services when paired with our They Ask You Answer Mastery program.


Working with NAKED

NAKED gives you a kick in the pants, a swift kick in the pants to be precise. We challenge you to take control of your own sales and marketing success and we do this with radical candor, transparency, and diligence.

We will teach you everything you need to know, but also hold you accountable along the way.

But don't forget! We want you to be successful AND independent. It's really important to us that you build expertise so that you can free yourself of our help.

If you have any question about price, your specific context or challenges, talk to an advisor today to learn about how our approach can lift you and your company to exceptional success.


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