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Talk with an advisor

Thomas Palermo

Thomas is the founder of Naked. Builder of a non-profit alternative media in France, growing an audience from 0 to 10m+ in 6 years. ADHD & LGBT entrepreneur. Obsessed with how people form opinions and get influenced. Proud European lived and worked in 4 countries & speaking 4 languages.

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5 min read

4 ways to recession proof your website in 2022

Businesses have a tendency to act as if the good times will never end — until the hard times hit. But the worst position a buisness leader can find himself during a crisis is having no plan in place to deal with it.

Here in 2022, the world is still...

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HubSpot Partner Tag mashed up on a Dutch wind mill + Netherlands map, Dutch flag and five stars review symbol

7 min read

Best Dutch HubSpot Partner Agencies who can help you in English

Here are my top 3 agencies that I persoread his content and an build an intuition based on my.nally know and (why I can vouch for them) who provide ...

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Logo of Naked with a price label with

3 min read

How much does it cost to work with NAKED?

Cost is obviously one of the most important thing you must think about before making any major decision. 

You heard it before, there is no such...

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3 explainer video players graphic under spotlights with contrasted title B2B Examples with additional decorative video theme elements

9 min read

[Best Of] B2B Explainer Videos EXAMPLES - and Why they work

The best B2B explainer videos tend to share several key characteristics, so why not use them to make your own videos more successful?  

Before you...

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Split image with a large VS in between the graphic illustration of a video blogger on one side and the photo of a business man with a white board talking to the camera

6 min read

Animation vs Live-Action Explainer Videos — Which Is Better For B2B?

What are the pros and cons of live-action vs. animation explainer videos? Join us for a breakdown of the pros and cons of each and find out which one...

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Man speaking on explainer video playing on laptop with euros money banknotes flying away around the laptop

5 min read

How Much Does an Explainer Video cost in 2022?

Between low-budget freelancers and high-cost production companies, differences in price can be a bit confusing at first. Let's look into what...

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open laptop on an explainer video with

6 min read

CHECK LIST for Marketer to Make the Perfect Explainer Video in 2022

Creating an explainer video can be a complicated process, which is why we've created a convenient explainer video checklist to serve as your guide.


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Paper invoice with Magnifier on the due amount with a calculator and the text

8 min read

Inbound Marketing Agency Price Ranges in the Netherlands in 2022

How much should you expect to pay for inbound marketing? This can be a hard question to answer, simply because inbound marketing agencies tend to...

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caucasian doctor with funny expressive eyes records an explainer video

6 min read

What Is an Explainer Video?

Making an explainer video may sound pretty straightforward, but too many companies waste time and money because they don’t understand basic explainer...

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